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The 100 Season 6: Everything you need to know about it

An official announcement has been made, stating that “The 100 Season 6” is going to happen. Even though the exact release date of the TV series is not yet released, we can expect it to happen in 2019.

The crew has already initiated production and they are working hard on it. It is possible to see their efforts by taking a look at all the photos that are shared on Twitter by Jason Rothenberg.

Some of the TV show critics had the question whether the sixth season of The 100 would come out or not, “Love Culture“. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg answered all these questions. He said that he is having a plan to continue The 100 for more than five years. It confirmed that the sixth season of The 100 would come out as well.

During the last year, Rothenberg stated that he wanted to end the TV show. But then he said that there is an excellent opportunity for him to take the show to the next level and drag it further for a few more seasons. Or else, the ending of The 100 could have happened back in Season 3. However, some external forces have also forced Rothenberg to drag The 100 to few additional seasons. Due to all these reasons, he is providing his full support to the Season 6 and we can see where it will go in the future.
But if the show is going to end in another five years, we can only expect a couple of seasons of The 100 to be released. However, it is too early for us to make guesses on that. Hence, let’s take a look at “The 100 Season 6” and understand what we will be able to expect out of it in the long run.

Now you must be wondering when The 100 Season 6 will come out. The team has not yet officially confirmed the Season 6 Premiere. However, it is possible to assume that the Season Premiere will take place in Spring 2019. Yes, we will have to wait for a considerable amount of time for it to release. However, we are too early to discuss the Season Premiere as well. Hence, let’s park it for the moment and analyze information that we already have about The 100 Season 6.

The cast of The 100 Season 6 has not been officially announced as of yet as well. But based on the pictures that we see on Twitter, there is a possibility to get a better understanding of the cast behind it as well. As you can assume, the main crew of The 100 Season will be featured in Season 6 as well. They include:

Marie Angelopoulos starring as Octavia
Bob Morley starring as Bellamy
Eliza Taylor starring as Clarke
Lola Flanery starring as Madi
Tasya Teles starring as Echo
Adina Porter starring as Indra
Paige Truco starring as Abby
Lindsay Morgan starring as Raven

You are already familiar with these names. If you are fans of them, you can keep your fingers crossed to witness them performing again. As you can remember in Season 5, Harper and Monty died in the finale. Therefore, we will not be able to see Chelsey Reist and Christopher Larkin in The 100 Season 6.
Now let’s focus on what you can expect to see on The 100 Season 6. As you already know, the entire television show is based upon the YA novels of Kass Morgan. Therefore, we will be able to expect “The 100 Season 6” to draw attention from the same books as well. However, you should also keep in mind that there was significant time jumping in between the season four and season five.

The crew is planning to accelerate Season 6 due to the above-mentioned reason. This will also create a strong impact on the story. That’s because they will try to finalize the storyline, within a short period of time, which can create some significant impacts on how it will flow.

Rothenberg loves all the characters that will be coming to your television screen through The 100 Season 6. That’s the main reason why he wants to come up with a new storyline every season. The new storyline will not make any of The 100 fans bored. As a result, you will be able to find a completely new story in The 100 Season 6 and it will be an impressive one. We are still clueless on how the story will begin and how it will end.

That’s all news what we have about The 100 Season 6 as of now. But stay tuned as will be able to provide you with additional information about the 100 Season 6, as soon as they are available.

Production Notes:

On May 7, 2018, The a hundred was revived for a sixth season. The CW President, Mark Pedowitz, aforesaid that season six in all probability will not be the last.
The writers started acting on the season on could twenty-one, 2018. cinematography began on August twenty-seven, 2018.
Aaron Ginsburg, Terri Hughes Burton, Justine Juel Gillmer, Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Lauren Muir, Heidi Cole McAdams, and player Lindo won’t be writing or manufacturing this season.
Kim Shumway rejoined the writing team.
Bob Edward Morley are guiding the eleventh episode of the season.
Episode 6×06 is directed by P.J. Pesce.
April Mullen can direct associate degree episode of season six.
Episode 6×09 is directed by Marshall Virtue.
Amanda sound can direct associate degree episode of the season.

Character Notes:

The season is a really, terribly completely different. it’ll be regarding attempting to be smart guys, however, there’ll still be “lots of conflicts”.
Eliza Taylor aforesaid there’ll be plenty of foreign parts and “weird stuff going on” on the new planet.
The first few episodes are heavily targeted on the most characters. Rothenberg states that initially, we are going to see the planet from the angle of our heroes however later begin to work out it from the angle of the inhabitants.

Rothenberg aforesaid that we are going to learn additional regarding Eligius III.
Clarke Griffin and Bellamy painter are operating along once more this season. they’re going to need to decide WHO they might get up from cryosleep and break the news.

Rothenberg expressed that “Eliza Taylor [who plays Clarke] goes to be challenged as associate degree actress”. Taylor expressed Clarke can modification plenty this season, and she or he desires Clarke to laugh this season.

According to Bob Edward Morley, it’s visiting take plenty for Bellamy and Octavia to induce back to the place wherever they see one another as brother and sister.

Jordan inexperienced are necessary and that we can learn additional regarding him during this season.

Rothenberg expressed that Christopher Larkin and Chelsey Reist can presumably come for flashbacks as a result of Monty inexperienced may need to overlook a number of the videos that Clarke and Bellamy watched within the season five finale.

Rothenberg hinted that Madi is operating to master the Flame.
We will learn additional regarding Echo’s backstory and understanding wherever she comes from.

Chris Browning (Jake Griffin) can come.
The new planet’s inhabitants will not meet our heroes straight away, can take ages since our heroes will need to see on their stuff.

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